Saturday, June 20, 2009

Random thoughts

I have a feeling this will happen a bunch. Just a string of random thoughts I had over the past half hour. In approximate chronological order. Bite size. Like a string of twitter updates.

- My parents fight slash get really passive aggressive about stupid shit all the time like how one of them forgot to buy something at the store and so the end result usually is me driving to the grocery store at 10:30p because nobody else wants to.

- I really can't back out of my driveway anymore. I don't know why it's so difficult. But between almost backing into a stone wall or almost rolling over the side of a hill, well. It involves a lot of going back into drive and readjusting the car.

- Where have all the alternative rock stations gone? Why is everything "Hit blahblahblah" playing the same songs over and over again? If I hear Birthday Sex one more time on two stations at once something is going to die. Sorry. Di-i-ie. It will probably be small. Like a bug. But still. Death.

- I apparently can't go grocery shopping without calling home 10 times to verify what kind and what quantity of lettuce, ground beef, hamburger buns, tomatoes, and cheese they want.

- Also, who the hell gets nostalgic over shopping at Stop & Shop?! This person. Right here. In the bread aisle. But oh, Super Stop & Shop in Providence, how I will miss shopping at you with a station wagon full of housemates. Oh I am such a sentimental fool.

- It took me a really long time just now to come up with the word "sentimental". That it turn reminded me that there was a song once called "Sentimental Man" by a band I couldn't remember. The Dismemberment Plan. Oh man, I haven't listened to them in a while. Mmm... gonna get back on that. Getting back on my old indie bands, yes I am.

And so now I'm going to go listen to a bunch of DP songs on youtube. Hooray for pointless blog posts.

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