Saturday, June 13, 2009

I hate these wasted days

You know. Those days where you don't leave the house because the weather sucks and there's nowhere to go anyway. Your closest friends don't live very close at all and get togethers require large amounts of planning that, unfortunately, never really seem to get done. You could be studying, but instead you waste hours upon hours reading various things on the internet. Right.

But yesterday. Yesterday was a good day. Yesterday I drove to Brooklyn and back, all by myself, for the first time. Yesterday I saw the guys I haven't seen in years and it was good. I mean, clearly not everyone was there. The group's scattered a lot since high school. But still. It's funny how sometimes it feels like everyone is different but everything is somehow still the same. I mean, sure, the activities are slightly different than high school, because we were the group that somehow missed that part of high school where you drink and smoke and all that stuff. But the conversation's still pretty much the same. We are all still huge nerds (even though Hayden is joining the Marines in October. What?).

But really. It's comforting that you can leave this for a while and still come back to it.

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