Thursday, June 18, 2009

"More to Love"? Really?

Fox has a new reality show following the format of the series "The Bachelor" called "More to Love". I'm sure you can guess at what the premise is. Promos show women discussing their fear of never being able to find love because of their weight, a couple of them breaking down on camera.

There's something very, very wrong about this show. While it's great that it's not just another dating reality show where the women all look like the same size 2 mannequin, moving to the opposite end of the spectrum and exploiting the emotions of these women to boost viewership just rubs me in the completely wrong way. Early descriptions (from around March) of the show claim that the women will be "confident and secure" but it seems like they're moving in the opposite direction with these commercials.

Why does it have to be so segregated? What a skewed vision of what the dating world in America is like. I really hate some reality tv shows. For the sake of the contestants I really hope this show won't be as bad as it seems.

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