Saturday, July 04, 2009


Hello from Martha's Vineyard! It is beautiful here, I'm glad I decided to actually make it out, even though I'm apparently incapable of sleeping in now even though I'm still tired. Lame.

So I did a lot of traveling yesterday to get here, which almost caused me to not come since I was afraid I'd be stranded in various places due to traffic. So I decided to ignore my ticket for a 330 Bolt bus from NY to Boston and go for 230 Fung Wah bus from NY to Boston. You know, Fung Way really isn't that different from taking Peter Pan or anything like that other than being a lot cheaper. And I guess you have to go to Chinatown to catch it. But we left and arrived pretty much on time, which is way more than I can say about most of the times I've ever taken Amtrak. I just remembered this one really delayed train trip I had coming back from Spring Break freshman year, but I'll get into that later. Maybe in another entry because I remember it pretty vividly but then this post will be too long.

The bus gets into boston around 630, 645, so I take the bus to Woods Hole at 7, and the ferry to MV at 9, finally getting here around 945. Ran into Ange, Leslie, Johannes and Van-anh on the ferry so we had to squish the four small asian girls into the backseat of Nick's civic.

Today we're having a cookout around 2ish, and then there's going to be a parade in Edgartown at around 5. Excitement! I want to go to the beach but I don't think anyone else is awake and I still need to do a lot of studying...


Aaron said...

Now wasn't that worth it?

Liz said...

oh yes. i haven't felt this relaxed in a while.