Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dearest Brother

Stop being such an annoying pain in the ass. Clearly I am studying for the MCAT so that I can have some kind of future. Stop walking into the room while I am studying and trying to ask me stupid things about the wii that happens to be in the room. And when I say that "I'm trying to study, please don't talk to me" that doesn't mean it's okay for you to say "okay, I'll just mumble then" and make inane noises as you slap around the tv. You have claimed the best study room (Eric's room) with your own massive desktop computer which is why I am forced to be in the common room. You are turning 32 in 10 days. Stop acting like you're 12. Also a string of other harsh questions that I'm not going to type out because then I'll feel like a bitch.

And what the fuck are you doing right now that makes so much noise?!?!? And do you really think it's cute to walk in here and hand me a pair of headphones used to block out the noise of gunfire? Yes, I can no longer hear myself type but these really, really aren't comfortable.


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